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The Camera blueprint gives you all the controls you need to make images with photographic qualities such as bokeh, physical exposure, and presets for different real world camera sensor sizes.

Camera settings

PresetChoose from standard sensor sizes, or specify a custom Width and Height
Focal LengthSets the focal length of your lens in mm
Focus PointSpecify the actor you want to set focus to
Focus DistanceSets the focus distance in cm (acts as focus offset when using a Focus Point)
Diaphragm Blade CountControls the shape of the bokeh
Min f-stopControls the rounding of the bokeh shape the closer you get to a fully open aperture, like in a real camera. A value of 1.0 means that the bokeh shape will be perfectly round when the aperture also is set to 1.0.
ApertureSets the aperture size
ISOControls exposure if you have Use Physical Camera Exposure enabled
Shutter SpeedShutter speed, in seconds, for exposure control (ie. 60 = 1/60s) Does not affect motion blur
Use Physical Camera ExposureTreat exposure like in a real camera where Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed affects the exposure