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The UE5 update

The project still defaults to ray tracing because it gives the most accurate GI and reflections. You can however choose Lumen in the GI Method dropdown in the Core blueprint if you want to use that instead.

This is also the last version that will be released for UE4.

  • The Screenshot button will now use the Samples Per Pixel value from the Core blueprint, if present, when the Render Method is set to Path Tracer in Render Settings
  • Added HDRI Saturation parameter to Core
  • Added Custom Version option to Burn-in
  • Added Focus Distance option to Burn-in
  • Added White Balance option to Burn-in
  • Added Resolution option to Burn-in
  • Added Filter Width and Denoiser parameters for Path Tracing to Core
  • Open Folder button in Render Widget now also opens the correct subfolder
  • Made the Focus Distance reading in Burn-in more accurate by reading the value directly from the camera component instead of the Camera blueprint
  • Updated the documentation for UE5 and migrated to Docusaurus
  • UE5: Updated project file to 5.0, removed VR plugins now that they're disabled by default
  • UE5: Added settings in Project Settings to enable all ray tracing features again
  • UE5: Fixed warning in Render Widget about Get Editor World being deprecated
  • UE5: Updated the GI dropdown options for UE5 in Core blueprint
  • UE5: Made sure that Reflection Method changes automatically when changing GI Method
  • UE5: Added Film Grain parameters to Core
  • UE5: Enabled Reference Depth of Field by default for path tracing renders
  • UE5: Updated RenderWidget design to match the UE5 UI

Detailed file diff