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This update adds support for UE5.1 as well as multiple new features and bug fixes.

  • Enabled "Enable alpha channel support in post processing" in Project Settings, to be able to output alpha out of the box
  • Set "Accumulator Includes Alpha" in Movie Render Queue settings in the Deferred Rendering and Path Tracer modules, to be able to output alpha out of the box
  • Made it possible to choose Font on the BurnIn blueprint
  • Enabled Virtual Shadow Maps in Project Settings so it's easier to use them if needed (ray tracing is however still the default)
  • Added dropdown to the Light blueprint so you can choose between Ray Traced shadows and Virtual Shadow Maps
  • Added project settings to Asset Guidelines for Camera, Core, and Light blueprints, so it's easier to enable the correct settings when migrating to another project
  • Refactored burn-in blueprints so they read Resolution in a more robust way
  • Added Frame Rate, Frame Number (Master), Frame Number (Shot), Timecode (Master), Timecode (Shot), Shot Name, Sequence Name, and Camera Name to Burn-ins
  • Updated splash screen to match the new UE5 size
  • UE5.1: Enabled SM6 in Project Settings
  • UE5.1: Enabled High Quality Translucency Reflections for Lumen by default in Core

Detailed file diff